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Boston, MA

Volcano in Antigua


Lyn Hovey Studio ~ Boston, MA

Our studio's fabrication and restoration facility is located in Boston's inner city neighborhood of Dorchester. As an advocate of preserving America’s historic collection of stained glass, both religious and secular we are proud to join in the revitalization of Boston’s neighborhoods. We invite you to make an appointment to come in and tour our facility.

In that Boston is often called the Athens of North America, it is fitting that our studio, noted for design excellence worldwide and with alumni around the globe, continues to be part of the fountain of arts flowing from this famous and historic city. We continue to lift the ancient art of stained glass to the highest level and encourage our diverse staff to aspire to excellence in all that they do.


Estudio de Lyn Hovey ~ Antigua, Guatemala

Why Guatemala? In 2000, I had the good fortune to meet two Mayan Elders in the United States. Later they invited me to visit their country, Guatemala, the center of the ancient Maya world. I fell in love with the country, called the land of eternal spring, and its haunting vistas of mountains and volcanoes, exotic flowers and sacred lakes hidden in the clouds.

In 2003, I decided to establish a branch of my studio in Antigua Guatemala, the ancient Spanish capital of all of Central America. My vision is to bring the art of stained glass to this region by teaching my art to Guatemalans and indigenous Mayans.

The Mayan people are natural artists with one of the world’s richest and oldest artistic traditions. By bringing my art to Guatemala, I hope to give back to this region and its people my ancient art form, for they have blessed my spirit with kindness, generosity and beauty.

Please click here to view a slideshow of beautiful Antigua.

Lyn Hovey Studio - Taiwan Design Team

The Lyn Hovey Studio has been working in collaboration with MWJ Engineering Group in Taiwan since 2008. In 2011 we established the Taiwan Design Team with Michael Jiang and Jennifer (Lung-Chen Wang). Michael is the president of MWJ Engineering Group and works throughout Asia on special engineering projects, especially art related installations. Jennifer is a talented interior designer with a deep understanding of Chinese art and calligraphy. The collaboration between Lyn Hovey and Michael and Jennifer is opening doors in both East and West in areas where stained glass has not been previously used as an architectural design medium.


Lyn & Michael


Michael Jiang, President
MWJ Engineering Group

Jennifer (Lung-Chen Wang)
Interior Designer

Michael Jiang and Lyn Hovey
Mayfull Company Canopy Construction
Taiwan 2011


Boston Stained Glass
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